Important tips for hiring a plumber

Important tips for hiring a plumber

d22f4dec-cc68-4e88-a2a7-344ea1f14c7ePlumbing problems are more common than you think, especially when it comes to older houses. While the small problems can be rectified by the homeowners themselves, the complex ones will need the attention of a skilled plumber. Hiring a trusted professional is key to the success of any project. Ask your plumber these seven questions to ensure that you are hiring the right pro for your project. Here are some key questions you need to ask your plumber:

  1. Are you licensed, registered and insured? This is the big one. Always ask to see their license so you can check to see that it is up to date. Make sure to also check to see if they have workers’ compensation insurance to protect you in case there is an injury.
  2. Do you have references? A credible pro will be able to present references and examples to verify their past work. Always speak to your plumbers past customers before making a hiring decision. Here are some questions that you can ask past clients: •   Were you happy with the project?
 •   Was the job completed on time?
 •    Were there any unexpected expenses?
 •  Would you use or recommend this plumber again?
  3. Cost. While cost should never be the single determining factor when you hire a plumbing contractor, it is certainly something to consider. To find the best cost-to-benefit ratio, you should consult several plumbers to obtain estimates, but keep in mind that the cheapest plumber is usually not the best one, because you will always get what you pay for. Knowing what a plumber will cost you will always lessen the stress for you in the future. Keep in mind in the case of an emergency, you will be charged for driving time, and emergency service charges on top of what they would normally charge. Always ask them what these costs are before an emergency happens, so you will not be shocked at the price when the time comes.
  4. Are you experienced with this kind of job? Most plumbers can handle small jobs like minor fixture or appliance installations, leak repairs, and clogged drains. But  for larger jobs, it is important that your pro has the experience and knowledge to complete your project.
  5. How do you expect payment? For larger jobs, most pros charge per project milestone. If you are working on a smaller project, most plumbers expect payment upon completion of the task. Never hire a pro who requires upfront payment.
  6. What warranties do you offer? Most plumbing contractors offer some type of warranty with their work, which means if there are any problems with the work, the contractor agrees to fix it for free.
  7. Can you provide a written and detailed estimate?  It is always good to obtain a detailed written estimate from any plumbing contractor you consider hiring, as this enables you to compare contractors and determine which is best for you.


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