Bathroom Remodel … a Smart Choice

A Bathroom Remodel is one of best low-cost projects today that offers a great return on your investment. With a wide range of fixtures and accessories to choose from, a bathroom remodel can easily take on a whole new look with minimal investment of both time and money. Next to upgrading appliances, like tankless water heaters and solar water heaters, aesthetic and functional updates to your bathroom, such as the Delta shower faucet, can be a great way to increase the value of your home or investment property.

From changing out old plumbing fixtures and pipes to tearing out existing bathroom tubs, sinks and showers and replacing toilets, a bathroom remodeling project can add true value to your home. A bathroom remodel is a smart choice as it updates the home at the minimum cost and takes less time than many other remodeling projects.

Hire the Right Plumber to Remodel your Bathroom

Before tearing up your bathroom yourself or attemting a toilet installation, you would be wise to consider hiring a licensed and insured Plumbing Contractor like My Personal Plumber to handle your bathroom remodeling project.  The experts at My Personal Plumber have many years of experience helping home owners like you find ways to save both time and money.

Choose My Personal Plumber for your Bathroom Remodel

For over 30 years, My Personal Plumber has been providing affordable plumbing service to Central Florida and the surrounding areas including Seminole, Orange and Volusia counties.  The owner, Steve Koscoe, has built his business on  hard work, care and concern for customers, and a commitment to excellence in the plumbing industry.


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