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Water Heaters typically use more energy than most any other household appliance. My Personal Plumber is experienced at all types of Water Heater projects, from repair to a new installation for both residential and commercial applications. If you are faced with replacing your hot water heater consider taking the green approach and save electricity, save money and the environment.

Introducing the Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

The Voltex system by AO Smith uses heat pump technology to provide a more efficient way to heat water with electricity. Voltex pulls heat from the surrounding air where it is installed (in your garage for example) and deposits the heat into the tank. This produces a very efficient way of heating water and, as a bonus, the by product is cooler, dehumidified surrounding air. If your hot water heater is in your garage, the Voltex Heat Pump Hot Water System uses the hot air from your garage to heat the water and removes the humidity to produce a cooler, more comfortable garage temperature.

Voltex Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

Voltex Hot Water Heater Savings

Voltex Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

Voltex Heat Pump Hot Water Heater


Maximize Energy Savings with Variable Operating Modes

The Voltex Electric Heat Pump Hot Water Heater offers 4 different operating modes that allow you to choose the most efficiency based on climate, demand and installation.

EFFICIENCE MODE: Extracts warmth from the surrounding air, concentrating the heat and transferring in to the water.
HYBRID MODE: Uses the heat pump for efficiency, but will also use the element for quick recovery following increased hot water usage.

Operates as a conventional electric water heater, utilizing the elements only for conditions when limited ambient heat is available.
VACATION: One touch operation maintains a minimal tank temperature during vacation or extended absence to reduce operating costs and provide freeze protection.

Expert Water Heater Services in Sanford

If you are thinking about replacing your inefficient or broken water heater in your Sanford area home, take the time to speak with an experienced licensed plumber like My Personal Plumber. The size of your family, energy efficiency ratings, warranties, the utilities in your area and available space in your home are often the determining factors when choosing a hot water heater. While it may seem like a simple do-it-yourself project, choosing the right water heater and having it professionally installed by an experienced licensed plumber can save you time, money and aggravation.

For more information about a replacing our repairing your hot water heater, contact My Personal Plumber and get a quote for a plumbing project, or contact Steve Koscoe at My Personal Plumber today (407) 797-1900.

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