Why Does My Family Needs Water Conditioning?

Many people think their water is basically ok.  It might smell a little bad or taste a little funny. You might just use bottled water for drinking and think that is sufficient.  Did you know that the water in your home gets absorbed into your body through cooking, cleaning, bathing and showering … not just drinking. The danger is real. Our public water systems are outdated. Current water treatment technology and government agencies cannot keep up with the growing list of organic and chemical contaminates in our water.

How Water Gets to Your Home …

From the original water source to the local water treatment facility.  Water then gets treated by adding chlorine and other chemicals.  Once it is treated it then travels through miles of corroded and rusty pipes and finally to your home … where you cook, clean, bath and drink it!  The human body needs water to survive … it is made up of between 55% and 78% water! 

There are 2 ways to filter the water in your home:       1) Own a Filter or      2) BE a filter!

My Personal Plumber experienced at installing a variety of whole home water treatment systems and can discuss the many types of systems with you and your family.  We are also proud to recommend the Krystal Klear Water System because it is a “Green” solution that can give you clearer, cleaner water at every faucet in your home. They also offer a variety of solutions that ranges from just a Kitchen only, ideal for cooking and drinking water to a descaler for hard water problems to filtration and total solution that can for the whole home water purification solution … an approach for every budget!

What’s different about the Krystal Klear Water Conditioning System?

The Krystal Klear system uses an exclusive 3-step Mixed Media process of KDF, Carbon & Quartz that:

  • Removes Chlorine & Heavy Metals
  • Acts as bacteriostat which prevents biological contamination
  • “Coconut shell” granular activated carbon – no carbon block
  • Industry standard for chemical removal, chlorine and VOC’s
  • Quartz acts to remove sediment & maintain proper water flow

There is nothing else like it …

  • Water conditioning that adds no salt or chemicals
  • Water conditioning that doesn’t use any magnetics
  • A water conditioner with no parts to wear out or replace.
  • Water conditioning that retains the healthy minerals in water that your body needs
  • Water conditioning that doesn’t lower pH level – and won’t make water acidic
  • Water conditioning with no filter cartridges to replace, or salt or additives to maintain
  • Water conditioning that is septic tank friendly. And best of all, there is no brine discharge which is bad for environment!

If you are looking for a water conditioning & purification system for your home that is
maintenance free, chemical free and environmentally friendly,
call My Personal Plumber today (407) 797-1900.
We will be happy to help find a solution to meet your needs and budget.

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